Lift Off!!!

            Who needs another blog?  When it comes down to it, that’s the question that any potential blog writer should ask his or her self.  This blog is the culmination of several events in my life.

            Much like Superman, I was rocketed here due to the love of my parent.  Haiti, at the time of my birth was no place to plan the future of a child.  My mother sacrificed her life and everything she knew to assure that I had a bright future. 

            The year was 1987 and I found myself in a strange and foreign place.  I entered school not understanding why the air had suddenly turned brisk and feeling conspicuous about the fact that I didn’t speak any English at all. 

Enter Mr. Martin, he was my E.S.L. teacher.  His classroom would become a sanctuary of sorts for me: I would learn to speak English in his classroom and more importantly for me in the long run, I would read my first comic in his classroom.

            In those early days, books like X-Men and Teen Titans were my drug of choice.  They transported me away from the places where I felt out of place (everywhere).  More importantly, they fostered a love of reading that extended way beyond the comic shop.  Comics were my constant companion and the amazing part about them was that they seemed to grow with me.  I collected them and absorbed everything that they had to give me.

I first learned about acceptance from X-Men.  I learned about the value of life from Batman’s commitment to never kill his enemies and Superman taught me that there was a place in my new found homeland for me; I just had to find mine.

            As a child, I thought that one day I would have to leave my hobby alone, but at 29 years of age I’m still going to the comic shop every Wednesday. The only difference is that my little hobby has become big business.  Hollywood churns out movies about the characters I grew up with at an astounding rate and I find my little comic shop haunts a little more crowded than I’m used to.

            This fact is what inspires this post. This fact lies in the hope that there are others like myself who love this craft and those who have always wanted to know where to start.  If you’re either of the above, I hope that you’ll take this journey with me.


4 thoughts on “Lift Off!!!

  1. laurie! says:


  2. GREAT LIFT OFF! looking forward to more posts 🙂

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