Sweet Christmas!!


WAZZZZ UP?! So good to see you guys again! Due to the overwhelming response of my Thor interview, I’ve decided to interview yet another comic book hero!!  Over the weekend I sat down with the Hero For Hire himself, Luke Cage to discuss his future in comics.  Let’s just say that s#$#t got real!!

Emaginauts.com– Hey Mr. Cage, thank you for sitting down to talk to me like this!

Luke Cage– Don’t mention it brutha.

E– Ok, so let’s get this started and let the people out there know who you are.

L– Luke Cage, former hero for hire; current Avenger; father; super hero with super hard skin and super strength yadda yadda yadda…That ain’t even why I’m here though.

E– Why are you here then Luke?

L– I’m here to personally ask Marvel Studios what’s good with the lack of black super heroes like me in any of these films their puttin’ out!  Like really?

E– You seem really upset about this, but you have to admit that there aren’t really a lot of black heroes to make movies of in the first place.

L– That’s all well and good, but we don’t even get credit when we started all this super hero movie stuff! Spider-man and the X-men get all the credit, but Wesley playing my boy Blade started all this and he don’t even get any credit.  Since then, Marvel’s roster been as white as Brooke Shields in a wedding dress man!!

E– Well….

L– You know I’m write, even you didn’t bother to even call a brother until you’d interviewed Thor. Thor son?! Dude’s a norse god and you called him before me and I’m right here in Harlem!!

E– I only interviewed him because his movie was out on DVD….

L– Well now it’s time to help your people get some DVD’s out brotha!

E– Well how would you approach a movie about you?

L– Well it ain’t like there’s a shortage of brothas out there that could play me.  Tyrese could do; 50 cent got a lot of those Tattoos removed…. Hell you could basically make Get Rich or Die Trying and just give him bulletproof skin and it’d work.  I ain’t even just talking about me though.  Black Panther not having a flick out is f#$#ing criminal b!!

E– That Christopher Priest run on his book was epic!!

L– That’s what I’m saying!! The dude has his own country in Africa that makes more money than the U.S.  He got two fly black women as his bodyguards; more tech than Iron Man; more loot than Bruce Wayne and he’s married to Storm son!!  You tellin’ me Marvel can’t figure out how to make a flick outta that? psshhh, They trippin

E– Well, they did make Nick Fury black in the movies….that’s something.

L– Don’t get me wrong kid, gettin’ Sam Jackson to play dude is a good look, but I need more black heroes on screen.  We got a black president before we could even get a Cage or Black Panther flick. S#$3it ain’t even happening in order right now!!

E– Hey!!….Didn’t you marry a white woman though?

L– What’s that got to do with anything man?

E– I’m just saying that you never had any romantic attachments then you get to join the Avengers…..it just feels like that once you got on you left they ass for a white girl.

L– Wow son, you really trynna get a brotha to launch your ass through the ceiling! Imma just leave it like this, call Stan (Lee) up and tell him to stop avoiding the hood!! We hungry out here! I’m out!!

E– Thank you for coming Luke


errrrr…. yeah, thanks for reading!! As usual, feel free to like the Emaginauts facebook page; leave comments; subscribe and follow my musings on twitter @the_emaginaut. See you guys tomorrow for….*drumroll* NEW COMIC BOOK WEDNESDAY DAY DAY DAY DAY DAY day day!!!!


4 thoughts on “Sweet Christmas!!

  1. “I’m just saying that you never had any romantic attachments then you get to join the Avengers…..it just feels like that once you got on you left they ass for a white girl.”

    LMFAO good stuff.

  2. Jeffrey Lescouflair says:

    More Black Super Heroes ASAP!

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