Must Reads: Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing

  Sup?! I know it’s been a while, but life intervened and I was saving a bus from fire breathing orphans…or something…anyways, I’m back!!! You missed me didn’t ya?! I would to! Today I want to talk about one of my favorite writers on one of my favorite titles. Today I want to let you guys in on a little title called Saga of the Swamp Thing.
Most of you know Alan Moore’s work. You just don’t realize that you do. This is the man that has given us “From Hell”; “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” and “Watchmen”. These are just the comics that got turned into movies. As far as I’m concerned, the man is comic book royalty and I believe that Swamp Thing represents some of his best work.
Swamp Thing was a character originally created by Len Wein in 1971. The story was originally a period piece where a young scientist is murdered by his jealous best friend.

Tale as Old as Time....

His body is absorbed by the surrounding swamp lands and he returns as a creature made up of vegetation from said swamp. The story was meant to be a one off story, except that it caught on and became a monthly series. It enjoyed a pretty good run, but it may have died off if not for a fresh take on the character by Mr. Moore.
It took Moore two issues to take what everyone thought they new about the character and turn it on it’s head. Wein, who was now the Editor of the book, had previously modernized the character by making him a scientist named Alec Holland. Holland had been working on a restorative formula that promised to make him a rich man before being murdered and returning as Swamp Thing. In his second issue titled “The Anatomy Lesson”, Moore breaks down everything that has come before and gives the character a fresh start and a new status quo that has to be read to be believed.

The Floronic Man aka Creepy Mccreeperson!

As incredible as this issue was, it was only the opening act to what Moore and his collaborators had planned.  From this issue on Moore would introduce us to the green, which is the force that connects all plant life on Earth.  He would introduce readers to a powered up Floronic Man, an eco-terrorist with the ability to control plant life.

William Defoe aka The Floronic Man

Moore used the Swamp Thing to explore themes such as death; fear and love.  It was a more than just a horror comic, his work on this series was nothing less than transcendent.  I have no clue why you’re still sitting here and not going out to your nearest comic shop.  The Saga of the Swamp Thing is all that and a white monkey demon that feeds on fear.  Read it or you suck!

Sh!t Just Got Real

As always, I thank you for reading and being patient enough to wait on this post.  If you like random musings, I humbly encourage you to follow my brain droppings on the twitter @the_emaginaut. See you peeeps next time! I’m out!!



2 thoughts on “Must Reads: Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing

  1. laurie! says:

    Very interesting read. I can relate to the jealous best friend part! Keep on writing and I will keep on reading!

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