How I Came To Love Wonder Woman

Knew you’d be back!  Welcome to the New Comic Wednesday edition of Emaginauts!! On Wednesdays I like to cast a spotlight on books or characters that I think are worth your time when you visit the comic book shops.  You’ve already read the title and seen the picture at the top of the post so I assume you already know who I’m talking about today.

Everyone knows a little sumthin’ sumthin’ about Wonder Woman.  They know about the star spangled underwear and Linda Carter, but to really  know her and love her, like most women, you have to dig a little deeper.  DC Comics has three main characters, Superman; Batman and Wonder Woman.  Superman is the first superhero; Batman is representative of every dark and moody hero that came after and you probably expect me to say that Wonder Woman is, well….the woman.  You’d be wrong.  Let’s just say that if I wanted someone at my back in a fight, It’d be Wonder Woman.

She was created in 1941 by William Moulton Marston.  Feel free to google the name, I’ll wait….that’s right, it’s the same guy that invented the polygraph.  This brings me to the first reason to love Wonder Woman, the lasso of truth.

Truth or Dare?!

The Lasso is one the most powerful weapons in DC universe.  It compels whoever is ensnared in it to tell the truth.  She also uses it as an offensive weapon.  This sucker has stopped just about everyone from Superman to Darkseid and everyone in between.

Cat Got Your Tongue?!....There, I said It...

You know how everyone thinks it’s cool that Batman trained himself to be able to take out a room full of opponents?  Wonder Woman was raised by Amazons.  Yeah, Amazons, basically the female version of all those dudes in the 300.  Before she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana of  Themyscira.  The place is an island full of warriors that’d make a seal team piss their pants.

Amaaaazoooons Come Out and Plaaaaaay!!!

Diana is the Princess of said Island nation and their finest warrior.  Which means that when fighting her, you are dealing with a warrior with Superman’s strength and Batman’s attitude.  That brings me to my next point about her.


Wonder Woman plays for keeps!  Batman may break some bones and Superman is definitely just leaving you for the cops, but Wonder Woman…..well…..she wins.  The scene above takes place after good ole Max (the dude getttin’ his head spun) decides to take control of Superman’s mind.  Diana fights Superman to a stand still, but knows that it’s just a matter of time before she loses.  She instead finds Max and when Max tells her that he’s never going to stop, Diana does what she has to do to stop him.  My kinda lady 🙂

Princess Di

The coolest aspect of Diana as a character doesn’t involve her powers, rather, it’s her ability to lead and inspire.  Her role is to be an ambassador for her people.  She works closely with the United Nations and is the heart and soul of the Justice League.  It’s like having Xena Warrior Princess with Superman’s power set.  Best part is that the character is enjoying a resurgence thanks to the work of one Brian Azzarello.  Her current book is only three issues deep, don’t say I never put you on. Until next time peeps!!

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2 thoughts on “How I Came To Love Wonder Woman

  1. RivaFlowz says:

    That top picture is amazing. Jeez.

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