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The New Danger

Wakanda Stand Up!!

The idea of being an exceptional black man was never a big deal to me.  Hmmm, let me rephrase that, it wasn’t a big deal to the 7 year old version of me.  I was born in Port au Prince and I never thought of myself as a black boy.  I was just a boy.  I pretty much new the trajectory of my life.  I dreamt of being a doctor or a teacher like my mother…maybe I’d become an engineer like my father.  At that age, anything seemed possible. The only things that didn’t seem possible were my entire country falling apart and having to leave everything I new, behind, to come to someplace alien.

Leaving Haiti and moving to Long Island, NY provided a ton of firsts.  I learned that the cold completely turned my swag off.  I was introduced to sports like basketball, football and our favorite national past time, yep, racism!!  The late 80’s and 90’s were a funny time for this phenomenon.  We’d reached a point where white folks had to employ a subtle hatred.  Not to worry though, percentage of racist white folk, black people took it upon ourselves to continue self-enforcing the same old misconceptions about who we were and could be.  I remember being made fun of for my big lips and my dark skin by lighter skinned African-Americans.  There were all kinds of insults hurled my way.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget being told how color blind Haitian people were by some kid wearing Cross Colors:

Pot meet Kettle.

Only two discoveries overlapped the atrocity of my new experience. The first was discovering comics.  Who needed to chill with a bunch of kids rocking Gumby cuts when you could chill with the X-Men right?….RIGHT?

I escaped into these amusing tales and I would pretend to be these heroes.  I’d be Cyclops, leading the X-Men or Batman as he tried to figure out one of Riddler’s clues.  Yeah, I know, I was one cool ass kid!  All this fun I was having by myself was always tempered by the fact that none of my favorite heroes looked like me.  What was up with that? Did black people never build rockets to outer space?  Did we never take class trips and get bitten by irradiated spiders? NWA always looked angry….why did they never Hulk out?!

Marvel and DC were like the New York version of the show “Friends.”

This is why I thank the comic book gods for Christopher Priest and his version of Black Panther.  The story thus far, to steal a phrase, is that Black Panther is the ceremonial title possessed by T’Challa.  T’Challa is the ruler of this super technologically advanced, African nation called Wakanda.  This title–The Black Panther–is the equivalent of the president, pope and joint chiefs of staff, all in one.  This guy has super human senses, two six foot tall chicks that protect him at all times, and access to his own army and weaponry–that’d make Batman blush.  I didn’t give two shits about any of that.  All I saw was a hero, who happened to be black, who wasn’t particularly defined by that.  In a stroke of genius, Priest didn’t even have T’Challa narrate the book. Instead, that job was left to his state department handler, Everett K Ross. The self proclaimed “whitest man on earth” acted as the voice of your average comic reader and always gave you the sense of wonder at the machinations of the title character.

The Story Thus Far...

The magic of the Priest run, on Black Panther, was that it served as an important reminder: I would always be a man first and black second.  It brought me full circle, back to the child that understood the trajectory of his life and knew no limitations.

Not bad for what was supposed to be “kids stuff” huh?  If you’re looking to check out what I’ve been rambling about, the first 12 issues of Priest’s run are collected in two trade paperback volumes.  Get off your ass and get ’em! Deuces!!

Read Black Panther.....LIKE A BOSS!!!


How I Came To Love Wonder Woman

Knew you’d be back!  Welcome to the New Comic Wednesday edition of Emaginauts!! On Wednesdays I like to cast a spotlight on books or characters that I think are worth your time when you visit the comic book shops.  You’ve already read the title and seen the picture at the top of the post so I assume you already know who I’m talking about today.

Everyone knows a little sumthin’ sumthin’ about Wonder Woman.  They know about the star spangled underwear and Linda Carter, but to really  know her and love her, like most women, you have to dig a little deeper.  DC Comics has three main characters, Superman; Batman and Wonder Woman.  Superman is the first superhero; Batman is representative of every dark and moody hero that came after and you probably expect me to say that Wonder Woman is, well….the woman.  You’d be wrong.  Let’s just say that if I wanted someone at my back in a fight, It’d be Wonder Woman.

She was created in 1941 by William Moulton Marston.  Feel free to google the name, I’ll wait….that’s right, it’s the same guy that invented the polygraph.  This brings me to the first reason to love Wonder Woman, the lasso of truth.

Truth or Dare?!

The Lasso is one the most powerful weapons in DC universe.  It compels whoever is ensnared in it to tell the truth.  She also uses it as an offensive weapon.  This sucker has stopped just about everyone from Superman to Darkseid and everyone in between.

Cat Got Your Tongue?!....There, I said It...

You know how everyone thinks it’s cool that Batman trained himself to be able to take out a room full of opponents?  Wonder Woman was raised by Amazons.  Yeah, Amazons, basically the female version of all those dudes in the 300.  Before she was Wonder Woman, she was Diana of  Themyscira.  The place is an island full of warriors that’d make a seal team piss their pants.

Amaaaazoooons Come Out and Plaaaaaay!!!

Diana is the Princess of said Island nation and their finest warrior.  Which means that when fighting her, you are dealing with a warrior with Superman’s strength and Batman’s attitude.  That brings me to my next point about her.


Wonder Woman plays for keeps!  Batman may break some bones and Superman is definitely just leaving you for the cops, but Wonder Woman…..well…..she wins.  The scene above takes place after good ole Max (the dude getttin’ his head spun) decides to take control of Superman’s mind.  Diana fights Superman to a stand still, but knows that it’s just a matter of time before she loses.  She instead finds Max and when Max tells her that he’s never going to stop, Diana does what she has to do to stop him.  My kinda lady 🙂

Princess Di

The coolest aspect of Diana as a character doesn’t involve her powers, rather, it’s her ability to lead and inspire.  Her role is to be an ambassador for her people.  She works closely with the United Nations and is the heart and soul of the Justice League.  It’s like having Xena Warrior Princess with Superman’s power set.  Best part is that the character is enjoying a resurgence thanks to the work of one Brian Azzarello.  Her current book is only three issues deep, don’t say I never put you on. Until next time peeps!!

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Must Reads: Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing

  Sup?! I know it’s been a while, but life intervened and I was saving a bus from fire breathing orphans…or something…anyways, I’m back!!! You missed me didn’t ya?! I would to! Today I want to talk about one of my favorite writers on one of my favorite titles. Today I want to let you guys in on a little title called Saga of the Swamp Thing.
Most of you know Alan Moore’s work. You just don’t realize that you do. This is the man that has given us “From Hell”; “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” and “Watchmen”. These are just the comics that got turned into movies. As far as I’m concerned, the man is comic book royalty and I believe that Swamp Thing represents some of his best work.
Swamp Thing was a character originally created by Len Wein in 1971. The story was originally a period piece where a young scientist is murdered by his jealous best friend.

Tale as Old as Time....

His body is absorbed by the surrounding swamp lands and he returns as a creature made up of vegetation from said swamp. The story was meant to be a one off story, except that it caught on and became a monthly series. It enjoyed a pretty good run, but it may have died off if not for a fresh take on the character by Mr. Moore.
It took Moore two issues to take what everyone thought they new about the character and turn it on it’s head. Wein, who was now the Editor of the book, had previously modernized the character by making him a scientist named Alec Holland. Holland had been working on a restorative formula that promised to make him a rich man before being murdered and returning as Swamp Thing. In his second issue titled “The Anatomy Lesson”, Moore breaks down everything that has come before and gives the character a fresh start and a new status quo that has to be read to be believed.

The Floronic Man aka Creepy Mccreeperson!

As incredible as this issue was, it was only the opening act to what Moore and his collaborators had planned.  From this issue on Moore would introduce us to the green, which is the force that connects all plant life on Earth.  He would introduce readers to a powered up Floronic Man, an eco-terrorist with the ability to control plant life.

William Defoe aka The Floronic Man

Moore used the Swamp Thing to explore themes such as death; fear and love.  It was a more than just a horror comic, his work on this series was nothing less than transcendent.  I have no clue why you’re still sitting here and not going out to your nearest comic shop.  The Saga of the Swamp Thing is all that and a white monkey demon that feeds on fear.  Read it or you suck!

Sh!t Just Got Real

As always, I thank you for reading and being patient enough to wait on this post.  If you like random musings, I humbly encourage you to follow my brain droppings on the twitter @the_emaginaut. See you peeeps next time! I’m out!!



New Comic-Book Wednesday: Action Comics

The Magic's Back


Greetings friends!!  Sorry I missed you guys yesterday, but I had tons of comics and video games too play and you know how that is…or maybe you don’t….Today, I’ve decided to highlight one of the books that has become one of my early favorites in DC Comic’s new 52 initiative.  Action Comics is a pioneering super hero comic that originally gave us Superman back in 1938.  As a matter of fact, if you look at the numbers of the police cars in the above cover, they give us the original year that the comic premiered.  When DC announced that they would be relaunching this title with writer extraordinaire Grant Morrison at the helm, it immediately piqued my interest.

Superman is a polarizing figure in today’s comic world.  Many hate the man of steel due to his astronomical power levels.  I personally don’t believe that Superman is a bad character.  I think that he’s simply in need of a writer that can put him in compelling situations.  Before DC’s relaunch, Superman was basically a god that had managed to marry his dream girl and had a secret identity as a pulitzer prize winning journalist.  The Superman of just a month ago felt like a character at the end of his story.  He had become…..boring.  That’s what makes Grant Morrison and Rag Morales’ take on this character so poignant and relevant.  At a time when America itself feels more vulnerable, they’ve done the same thing to America’s most recognizable superhero.

No Way This Happens a Month Ago!

Most non-comic collectors can give you a rundown on Superman’s capabilities.  Flight; Super-strength; invulnerability; x-ray; microscopic and heat vision as well as super-breath and super-hearing.  He basically has the ability to do almost everything.  Grant Morrison’s first stroke of genius in this series is too take the character back to a point where all those abilities hadn’t fully developed yet.  Not many people remember that Superman was originally able to only leap tall buildings in a single bound, not fly over them.  This is the Superman we get in this comic.  A superhuman to be sure, but a superhuman with real weaknesses.  This gives what Superman is doing a real sense of danger.  When he has to stop a speeding train, you’re not sure if he’s going to be strong enough to do it and that’s what makes scenes where he’s doing something heroic work.  The audience now feels as though Superman may not automatically save the day.

Modern Superman Wouldn't Have Broken A Sweat...*yawn*

Other Characters get a makeover as well, including Superman’s main foil, Lex Luthor.  Luthor, has in recent times become more of a Super-Villain, instead of being what he was originally meant to be.  Lex and Superman are flip sides of a coin.  Where Superman represents our ideals and us at our best, Luthor represents our more self-centered aspects.  They are opposites in the way they are presented physically as well.  Superman always represented us in our peak physical condition while Luthor represents the same as far as our mental capabilities.  Lex Luthor in Grant Morrison’s imagination is condescending and completely self-centered.  He’s also jealous of Superman’s abilities and loathes the fact that he’s out of shape and bald while Superman looks like a supermodel.  If heros are judge based off of their villains, then Grant Morrison’s Superman has his work cut out for him.

Putting the Action back in Comics!!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t talk about what Rags Morales brings to this book.  His interpretation of the characters feels very modern and at the same time harkens back to a simpler time period.

This Just Looks Cool!!

Morales gives this comic a sort of kinetic feel.  The first issue just feels like full throttle action movie and isn’t that what you want from ACTION COMICS?! Superman feels like a character with so much pent up power and at the same time he’s able to convey the arrogance of a character like Luthor who sports a more frumpish appearance. He also makes it so that you see the change in how Superman carries himself differently as Clark Kent.   He goes from cocky and self-assured to a nerd with messy hair; baggy clothes and a slouch faster than a speeding bullet.  I could literally go on all day talking about Rag’s artwork on this book, but I don’t want to give you guys any spoilers.

The New 52 does not by any means knock it out of the park on every book, but this book stands head and shoulders above the rest in my opinion.  Grant Morrison and Rags Morales have made the man of steel fun again, by taking a back to basics approach that works.  The best part is that it’s only two issues in!!!  I’m not even sure why you’re still reading!! Go on!! Go pick it up!!!!


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Sweet Christmas!!


WAZZZZ UP?! So good to see you guys again! Due to the overwhelming response of my Thor interview, I’ve decided to interview yet another comic book hero!!  Over the weekend I sat down with the Hero For Hire himself, Luke Cage to discuss his future in comics.  Let’s just say that s#$#t got real!!– Hey Mr. Cage, thank you for sitting down to talk to me like this!

Luke Cage– Don’t mention it brutha.

E– Ok, so let’s get this started and let the people out there know who you are.

L– Luke Cage, former hero for hire; current Avenger; father; super hero with super hard skin and super strength yadda yadda yadda…That ain’t even why I’m here though.

E– Why are you here then Luke?

L– I’m here to personally ask Marvel Studios what’s good with the lack of black super heroes like me in any of these films their puttin’ out!  Like really?

E– You seem really upset about this, but you have to admit that there aren’t really a lot of black heroes to make movies of in the first place.

L– That’s all well and good, but we don’t even get credit when we started all this super hero movie stuff! Spider-man and the X-men get all the credit, but Wesley playing my boy Blade started all this and he don’t even get any credit.  Since then, Marvel’s roster been as white as Brooke Shields in a wedding dress man!!

E– Well….

L– You know I’m write, even you didn’t bother to even call a brother until you’d interviewed Thor. Thor son?! Dude’s a norse god and you called him before me and I’m right here in Harlem!!

E– I only interviewed him because his movie was out on DVD….

L– Well now it’s time to help your people get some DVD’s out brotha!

E– Well how would you approach a movie about you?

L– Well it ain’t like there’s a shortage of brothas out there that could play me.  Tyrese could do; 50 cent got a lot of those Tattoos removed…. Hell you could basically make Get Rich or Die Trying and just give him bulletproof skin and it’d work.  I ain’t even just talking about me though.  Black Panther not having a flick out is f#$#ing criminal b!!

E– That Christopher Priest run on his book was epic!!

L– That’s what I’m saying!! The dude has his own country in Africa that makes more money than the U.S.  He got two fly black women as his bodyguards; more tech than Iron Man; more loot than Bruce Wayne and he’s married to Storm son!!  You tellin’ me Marvel can’t figure out how to make a flick outta that? psshhh, They trippin

E– Well, they did make Nick Fury black in the movies….that’s something.

L– Don’t get me wrong kid, gettin’ Sam Jackson to play dude is a good look, but I need more black heroes on screen.  We got a black president before we could even get a Cage or Black Panther flick. S#$3it ain’t even happening in order right now!!

E– Hey!!….Didn’t you marry a white woman though?

L– What’s that got to do with anything man?

E– I’m just saying that you never had any romantic attachments then you get to join the Avengers… just feels like that once you got on you left they ass for a white girl.

L– Wow son, you really trynna get a brotha to launch your ass through the ceiling! Imma just leave it like this, call Stan (Lee) up and tell him to stop avoiding the hood!! We hungry out here! I’m out!!

E– Thank you for coming Luke


errrrr…. yeah, thanks for reading!! As usual, feel free to like the Emaginauts facebook page; leave comments; subscribe and follow my musings on twitter @the_emaginaut. See you guys tomorrow for….*drumroll* NEW COMIC BOOK WEDNESDAY DAY DAY DAY DAY DAY day day!!!!

Redemption and Comics

Way To Build Ultron Dude!

Welcome back folks!!….or should I welcome myself back?  Sorry for the lack of comic awesomeness in your life for the past week, but real life intervened with me  and also inspired this post.  A little more than a week ago, I made a mistake that cost me my job and a whole group of friends that I had come to respect and love.  That loss caused me to plunge into despair.  It’s not everyday you lose what took you a decade to build, but out of that despair came the realization that a lifetime of good can’t be erased by a single mistake.  We are all imperfect and constantly learning from our mistakes and I know that with my friends and family standing by me, I won’t make the same mistake again.  All of this got me to thinking about my favorite redemption stories in comics.  There have been many comic characters who have failed EPICALLY and have risen from the ashes of their failure to regain their integrity and respect of their friends and family.

Killen 'Em....Not So Softly

When I think of “fail”, I think first of the Dark Phoenix Saga.  You would think that one of your team members gaining the abilities of one of the most powerful entities in the universe would work out pretty well right? WRONG!!! DEAD WRONG!!  Cute lil Jean Grey gained the almost omnipotent abilities of The Phoenix force in an earlier story.  It was pretty much working out well for the x-men until those abilities started to drive her insane.  When I say insane, I mean fly to another solar system and causing that solar system’s sun to go super nova and kill billions of people insane! It took everything the X-Men had in them to finally bring this calamity to an end in one of the most bittersweet endings to a story in comics history!

Hank Pym calls himself Giant Man….that alone should make him comic’s ultimate douche bag! Hank, who’s pictured at the beginning of this post should call himself Fail Man.  I want to list all of this guy’s failures, but this is only a blog and I can’t have you guys sitting here all day. Let’s go with his main failure.  Good old Hank decided that he was going to create an artificial intelligence.  He needed to do this because he was on a team that consisted of guys like Iron Man and Thor and he felt inadequate.  The artificial intelligence he created was called Ultron and gained sentience. Yikes!! Ultron then decides that it wants to kill it’s “father” and becomes one of the Avenger’s most powerful enemies!!  Hank and the rest of the Avengers managed to stop Ultron, but the damn thing has come back multiple times and has upgraded itself multiple times to become more powerful!! Well played Hank! Despite all of this Hank has somehow remained an Avenger in good standing and has helped save the world as many as times as he’s put it in danger and that makes him a hero.

"Where were We"?....errr Hopefully, about To Talk This All Out.....

So, imagine that 9/11 happened to your entire city.  That’s the reality that Hal Jordan faced when a crazy alien came through and destroyed Coast City and everyone that he cared about.  This caused him to go pretty much insane, which wouldn’t be that much of a problem if Hal was a regular guy…unfortunately for the universe, Hal Jordan also happens to wear a power ring and is part of an intergalactic police force called the Green Lanterns.  Back in the 90’s DC Comics went on a killing spree.  In a few years we saw Superman get killed; Batman’s back was broken and ultimately, Hal Jordan went from being a man who feared nothing and fought evil with the power of his will, to being so afraid of tomorrow that he turned against everything he stood for.  He murdered other Green Lanterns; fought close friends like Green Arrow and basically turned into an all around evil prick! Like really evil!! Like trying to remake reality evil!! So it came as an even bigger surprise to me when the Earth was being threatened by a creature that wanted to….um….what was dude trying to do again?….oh yeah!!….EXTINGUISH THE SUN!! Hal Turned out to be the only person who could save the planet and he did and he paid the ultimate price for it!

I’ll never forget my recent mistake.  It puts me in the unenviable position of starting over and reclaiming my good name.  I’m up to the task though.  The things that matter to me most haven’t changed.  I consider today, day:1 in a new journey. Ride with me!!

New Comic Book Wednesday: DC 52

Greetings fellow emaginauts! Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday, but I was under the weather. I’d like to thank none of you for your prayers and candle light vigil in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral! Why am I here again? Oh yeah! Comics!
Yesterday marked the highlight of my week. (dramatic pause) NEW COMIC BOOK WEDNESDAY DAY DAY DAY!!! I think it’s a good time in our relationship to talk about the DC 52. All this month DC Comics has relaunched their whole line of comics with new number one issues. Why do this you ask? Well, for you of course!! What DC realized is that new readers aren’t picking up comics because they’re too convoluted. Batman and Superman have been around for 80 years now! The DC 52 represents a chance for new readers to get into these characters with fresh writers and new streamlined stories. It’s been a few weeks since the first of the new comics came out and I’d like to share some of my faves from yesterday.

Twice the Action; Half the Clothes!

Catwoman number one peeked my interest yesterday! It’s written by a favorite of mine named Judd Winick. It’s Selina Kyle doing what she does best. Stealing and making out with Batman. Good stuff!!

  Wonder Woman #1 written by Brian Azzarello starts off on an interesting note with Wonder Woman protecting a young girl carrying a really heavy burden. Azzarello never disappoints and Wonder Woman #1 is no exception!

  Last but not least is Red Hood and The Outlaws by Scott Lobdell. This book features Red Hood aka Jason Todd aka the second Robin who got his brains bashed in by the Joker with a crowbar before being blown up but now he’s all better. *whew!*.  This book follows Jason and two prior Teen Titans on a mission to do….something…I’m not sure where this book is going but it looks to be very action oriented and I’m looking forward to seeing what Lobdell can do with a character like Jason Todd!

There you have it folks. Not one, not two, but THREE comics for you too check out! Don’t ever say I never gave you nuttin’! As always, I appreciate your support and look forward to you “liking” the Emaginauts facebook page and following me on twitter @the_emaginaut.  See you all on Monday!!

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Thor vs Punor Part: Deux

  Yoyoyoyoyoyoyo!!! What’s up people? One week ago I sat down with Thor for’s first interview! If ya missed it, click this magical Mjolnir link right here and you’ll be instantly transported to part one of this interview!! Don’t ever say I never gave ya nothing! I’m just gonna sit here while you read part one……………….All caught up? Good!! Without further ado (i like that word) Thor vs Punor part: 2……– So….um…where the hell are we Thor?!

Thor– I have transported us to Asgard mortal!!….or shall I call you by your true name Loki?!

E– Huh?! I’m not Loki dude….I need you to get a grip!

T– Yes thou art!!

E– No I’m…nottest

T– Yes thou art!! Thou art my evil half-brother Loki!!!

E– Nooooo…I’m the dude interviewing you for this article on my blog site….by the way, I think the problem with your relationship with your brother is that you and the writers at Marvel keep calling him “evil half-brother”.  I’d be pretty evil too, if people kept calling me the evil half-brother of some other dude….just sayin’…..

T– Thou has a sharp tongue Loki, but the god of thunder is not so easily fooled. Did thy verily believe that I would not see through your lies?!

E– First off, I am not Loki, I’m just a dude that likes your comics. Second, I need you to lower that hammer when you talk to me…

T– Ah! You fear Mjolnir?! As well you should!!

E– I fear that your crazy ass is gonna sneeze while your pointing that thing at me and electrocute me!! Listen man, I wasn’t lying to you back at the strip club.  You really are a character published by Marvel Comics and you’re also part of Norse mythology. If it makes you feel any better, we ended up naming Thursday after you….

T– It cannot be….I am real…I have fought by the side of Ironman and Captain America. I have lain low foes such as the Frost Giants and Ultron….

E– You also go to strip clubs way too early in the day……Listen, I only wanted to do this interview because your movie came out….

T– Movie? You mortals have made a movie about me?

E– Yeah! It was pretty badass too

T-Who played Thor?

E- Why are you always talking in the third person? Anyways, this guy played you….

You're Welcome Ladies

T– He is a bit skinny….adequate though….

E– Dude’s name is Chris Hemsworth…I actually thought I was gonna interview him but then I mixed Robitussin with some wine I was having and you popped up….


E– Whatever…dude, can you take me back home now? The Daily Show starts in like a half hour and I don’t want too miss it….

After all this went down, I woke up on my couch and signed myself up for some A.A. meetings….ummm…..yeah….If you haven’t picked up Thor on DVD or Bluray, make that happen soon! Make sure to also follow his ongoing adventures in a comic shop near you! As always, make sure too “like” on the facebook and follow me on twitter @the_emaginaut.  Happy Tuesday folks!!


The Genius of Craig Thompson.

You Never Forget Your First

Welcome back folks!! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend cause I sure as hell did!!  Two straight days without anyone bothering me for Oxycodone is always appreciated!! While I may have been idle here, I was active on two other little sites you may have heard of.  Twitter and Facebook!!  Follow me on twitter @the_emaginaut and make sure to like on Facebook!! If you do, I’ll love you forever.  Also, I’d recommend subscribing to this page so you can get my tasty brain morsels each time I post. What more can you ask for?!

This weekend, I had the pleasure of checking out the Brooklyn Book Festival! I was looking forward to it because I’d have the opportunity to meet one of my favorite comic writers.  Comics are not just the realm of super heroes and scantily clad women with impossible bodies.  Comics can provide just as much diversity as Hollywood or more traditional novels and Blankets is the perfect example of that. I initially encountered Blankets during a time period where I was dealing with the heartbreak of yet another failed relationship and it became an integral part of my recovery process.

In Blankets, Craig Thompson explores themes such as loss of innocence; religious conviction; first loves and finding one’s way.  He does this with beautifully crafted pages and gut wrenching honesty about his family life and his own misgivings about many of the things in life that he’d held as sacred truths.  Blankets is a multiple award winning book that you should own whether you’re a fan of comics or not.  Plain and simple.

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Mr. Thompson on the eve of the Release of his newest work “Habibi”.  It’s not often that you get to tell someone who created something that helped you how much it meant to you.  He was gracious and took the time to autograph and sketch in my copies of “Blankets” and “Habibi” and in the most surreal moment ever, posed for a picture taken by the woman I love now……

Pretty Sweet Right?!

Best Geek Day Ever!!

Blankets can be found in just about any bookstore you walk into and for you non-readers, you can find it on Amazon. You can meet Mr. Thompson this this week at Midtown Comics if you’re so inclined and check out his blog (not that he needs my plug) at Aight folks! Have a great week and tune in tomorrow for the conclusion to my interview with Thor! Till then, I remain the original Emaginaut…


Of Mice and Spidermen

Make Mine Morales!!

Hi everyones!!! I know a lot of you have come back to find out what happens with my boy Thor, but you’re just gonna have to wait!!! That’s right, I’ve chosen to leave you anticipating and even pontificating about Thor vs Punor part deux (that’s “two” for you Yanks)! Today we’re going to discuss a time honored tradition amongst comic book geeks. NEW COMIC BOOK WEDNESDAY DAY DAY DAY!!!! (that was my echo sound effect…don’t judge me). NEW COMIC BOOK WEDNESDAY DAY DAY DAY!!! Is the best day of the week because, you guessed it! That’s when the new books come out!!

Yesterday, I went and purchased all the new books for this week and poured over them!! I was searching for the one book this week that would make my heart go pitter patter so that I could share it with you!! After hours…..errr…minutes of arduous research I yelled EUREKA!!! Eureka, who is my beautiful; Asian assassin bodyguard brought me a glass of milk and some oreos and I went back to reading. Soon after that I finished reading Ultimate Spider-Man #1 by Bendis and Pichelli and I knew I found what I was looking for!!

Back in the year 2000, Marvel comics took a huge risk by launching their Ultimate comic line.  This line allowed them to take established characters like Spider-Man; The Avengers and X-men and start telling stories with the characters that didn’t require any past knowledge of the characters at all!!! Dopeness!!! Brian Micheal Bendis was one of the original architects of this brand. He launched the original run of Ultimate Spider-Man back then with artist Mark Bagley and they went on a run that lasted 111 issues. MEGADOPENESS TO THE 11TH POWER SON!!! They crafted a book that would make it so that you cared about Peter Parker and not just his costumed alter ego. Alas, all good things come to an end and Peter is no longer Spider-Man (choked up)….*wiping away tears*….I’m sorry….I just get really emotional thinking about Peter ya know….I mean….look at that puddin…

Bieber Who?

…..Anywho….Bendis is launching this book with a new protagonist (yeah!! Look at me using big words). Miles Morales is half black and half latino (Well played Marvel) and…well…we don’t know much else about him….That’s where the new Ultimate Spider-Man picks up!! Eleven years ago, Marvel gave us Ultimate Peter Parker and it was good…I for one would recommend picking up Utimate Spider-Man #1 this week or downloading if you’re cool like me and have the marvel app on your Smartphone or Ipad. Bendis never disappoints!

A Latino that Climbs Walls....Fox News just hurled!

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