Thor vs Punor Part 1

He Wore The Helmet To The Club

Sup folks, just want to let everyone know that your favorite and admittedly, only emaginaut is now on twitter. Follow my merry adventures and random musings in 140 characters or less. @the_emaginaut.

I have an awesome surprise for you guys today, I’ve scored the interview that’ll put this site on the map forever! On the day that his biopic was released on DVD and BLURAY, I sat down and talked to the Norse God of thunder!!

Yessir! Ya boy finally made his momma proud!! Thor and I sat down at Sue’s Rendezvous to talk about life as a god; avenger; strippers and Chris Hemsworth….mostly strippers though.– “it’s really awesome of you to sit down with us like this Thor. I know you must be busy promoting the movie and all…”

Thor– “the pleasure is mine skinny mortal! Let us see if we can make your puny blog reach 200…nay….300 VIEWS! HAHAHAHA!!!

E-….yeah…sooo, I think we should start by explaining who you are.


E-…Um…you probably want to tone that down. You’re definitely scaring the the way, why meet at the strip club at 7 in the evening anyway?

T-I enjoy the buffalo wings weak and inferior mortal….

E-*looking around* That all you like Thor?

T– Yes…..

E– reeeeaaallly….?

T– No…. I also like her. The mortal over there that seems to walk on air…

E– That’s cause she’s wearing clear heels.


E– Hey! *throws up peace sign*. Let’s start over big guy. I’m reading your Wikipedia page and it says here that….

T-What is this Wikipedia you speak of? Does it tell tales of my mighty battles against the Midgard serpent and my evil half brother Loki?

E– No, but it tells me your power set and lists all the writers that have written you….

T– What do you mean by writers?

E– You do know you’re fictional right? Guys like Stan Lee and Walt Simonson have written your life into comics. You came out in like the early 60’s. *mumbling*…I know I have Journey Into Mystery #83 in hear somewhere….ah! Here it is!!

At this point the interview took a turn for the weird and surreal.

Tune in for the second part of my interview with the Norse God of thunder and find out what happens when a god learns his whole existence has been manufactured from the minds of comic book writers.

Until next time peeps!


Marvel vs DC

Who Ya With?

First and foremost, I’d like to thank everyone who has come through and checked out the page. You coulda been anywhere in the world, but you’re here with me and so and so forth. Let’s get down to it though.

I need all the fanboys to kind of exit the room so’s that I can speak to all the newcomers in the comic book world. I’ll wait for you to leave….. I’m looking at you guy in the Flash t-shirt. Get’s tha steppin’!!! Ok, he’s gone now.

The rest of you look really good! You guys look too good actually. You look like you don’t spend way too much time indoors following the adventures of grown men who wear their underwear over their tights. We need to fix this ASAP!!!

I get it kid. You let your comic geek friend take you to one of those fancy schmancy (or is it shmancy) big budget comic films and now you’re kinda curious about this whole comic book thing. So you secretly came to the comic book shop and now you’re standing here blocking me from reaching my Ultimate Spiderman trade just because you failed to make one crucial decision before you entered my world son…..Marvel or DC?

At this point, I really could and would much rather leave you standing there looking stupid wit’ yo’ stupid self but I take pity on you and tell you that the comic book universe you choose to predominantly follow says a lot about you playa! If you choose DC, you’re picking the original super hero universe. They’ve got the heavy hitters like Superman; Wonder Woman and Batman in their roster. Most every super hero in this universe pretty much sticks to the script. They all have secret identities and super secret origins and secret weaknesses that’ll stop them cold. I know what you mean…it can get a little formulaic but sometimes, it’s good to have a routine. You can always bet that unless the story you’re reading has the word “crisis” (more on that later) in it, the Heroes of the DC universe will always put everything right back in it’s place when the big fight scene is over.

If that’s a little too old fashioned for you, there’s always Marvel aka the house that Stan built and then renovated, with all that movie money they’ve been raking in lately. The Marvel universe is the equivalent of what southern rappers act like Atlanta is, you know, generally a place where hope goes to die. If Superman stops a plane from falling on top of a school bus full of orphans being menaced by Osama Bin Laden and it happened in the Marvel universe, he would be immediately hunted down by our government and then experimented on until we found out what makes him tick. The Marvel universe is a scarier place than DC. Heroes here don’t have fans.

So what’s it gonna be chief? You wanna sleep on it? I understand, here’s my card. Hit me up anytime, but for right now, I’m gonna need you to move so I can reach these comics.

Lift Off!!!

            Who needs another blog?  When it comes down to it, that’s the question that any potential blog writer should ask his or her self.  This blog is the culmination of several events in my life.

            Much like Superman, I was rocketed here due to the love of my parent.  Haiti, at the time of my birth was no place to plan the future of a child.  My mother sacrificed her life and everything she knew to assure that I had a bright future. 

            The year was 1987 and I found myself in a strange and foreign place.  I entered school not understanding why the air had suddenly turned brisk and feeling conspicuous about the fact that I didn’t speak any English at all. 

Enter Mr. Martin, he was my E.S.L. teacher.  His classroom would become a sanctuary of sorts for me: I would learn to speak English in his classroom and more importantly for me in the long run, I would read my first comic in his classroom.

            In those early days, books like X-Men and Teen Titans were my drug of choice.  They transported me away from the places where I felt out of place (everywhere).  More importantly, they fostered a love of reading that extended way beyond the comic shop.  Comics were my constant companion and the amazing part about them was that they seemed to grow with me.  I collected them and absorbed everything that they had to give me.

I first learned about acceptance from X-Men.  I learned about the value of life from Batman’s commitment to never kill his enemies and Superman taught me that there was a place in my new found homeland for me; I just had to find mine.

            As a child, I thought that one day I would have to leave my hobby alone, but at 29 years of age I’m still going to the comic shop every Wednesday. The only difference is that my little hobby has become big business.  Hollywood churns out movies about the characters I grew up with at an astounding rate and I find my little comic shop haunts a little more crowded than I’m used to.

            This fact is what inspires this post. This fact lies in the hope that there are others like myself who love this craft and those who have always wanted to know where to start.  If you’re either of the above, I hope that you’ll take this journey with me.