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The Genius of Craig Thompson.

You Never Forget Your First

Welcome back folks!! I hope you all enjoyed your weekend cause I sure as hell did!!  Two straight days without anyone bothering me for Oxycodone is always appreciated!! While I may have been idle here, I was active on two other little sites you may have heard of.  Twitter and Facebook!!  Follow me on twitter @the_emaginaut and make sure to like emaginauts.com on Facebook!! If you do, I’ll love you forever.  Also, I’d recommend subscribing to this page so you can get my tasty brain morsels each time I post. What more can you ask for?!

This weekend, I had the pleasure of checking out the Brooklyn Book Festival! I was looking forward to it because I’d have the opportunity to meet one of my favorite comic writers.  Comics are not just the realm of super heroes and scantily clad women with impossible bodies.  Comics can provide just as much diversity as Hollywood or more traditional novels and Blankets is the perfect example of that. I initially encountered Blankets during a time period where I was dealing with the heartbreak of yet another failed relationship and it became an integral part of my recovery process.

In Blankets, Craig Thompson explores themes such as loss of innocence; religious conviction; first loves and finding one’s way.  He does this with beautifully crafted pages and gut wrenching honesty about his family life and his own misgivings about many of the things in life that he’d held as sacred truths.  Blankets is a multiple award winning book that you should own whether you’re a fan of comics or not.  Plain and simple.

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Mr. Thompson on the eve of the Release of his newest work “Habibi”.  It’s not often that you get to tell someone who created something that helped you how much it meant to you.  He was gracious and took the time to autograph and sketch in my copies of “Blankets” and “Habibi” and in the most surreal moment ever, posed for a picture taken by the woman I love now……

Pretty Sweet Right?!

Best Geek Day Ever!!

Blankets can be found in just about any bookstore you walk into and for you non-readers, you can find it on Amazon. You can meet Mr. Thompson this this week at Midtown Comics if you’re so inclined and check out his blog (not that he needs my plug) at Dootdootgarden.com. Aight folks! Have a great week and tune in tomorrow for the conclusion to my interview with Thor! Till then, I remain the original Emaginaut…