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New Comic Book Wednesday: DC 52

Greetings fellow emaginauts! Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday, but I was under the weather. I’d like to thank none of you for your prayers and candle light vigil in front of St. Patrick’s Cathedral! Why am I here again? Oh yeah! Comics!
Yesterday marked the highlight of my week. (dramatic pause) NEW COMIC BOOK WEDNESDAY DAY DAY DAY!!! I think it’s a good time in our relationship to talk about the DC 52. All this month DC Comics has relaunched their whole line of comics with new number one issues. Why do this you ask? Well, for you of course!! What DC realized is that new readers aren’t picking up comics because they’re too convoluted. Batman and Superman have been around for 80 years now! The DC 52 represents a chance for new readers to get into these characters with fresh writers and new streamlined stories. It’s been a few weeks since the first of the new comics came out and I’d like to share some of my faves from yesterday.

Twice the Action; Half the Clothes!

Catwoman number one peeked my interest yesterday! It’s written by a favorite of mine named Judd Winick. It’s Selina Kyle doing what she does best. Stealing and making out with Batman. Good stuff!!

  Wonder Woman #1 written by Brian Azzarello starts off on an interesting note with Wonder Woman protecting a young girl carrying a really heavy burden. Azzarello never disappoints and Wonder Woman #1 is no exception!

  Last but not least is Red Hood and The Outlaws by Scott Lobdell. This book features Red Hood aka Jason Todd aka the second Robin who got his brains bashed in by the Joker with a crowbar before being blown up but now he’s all better. *whew!*.  This book follows Jason and two prior Teen Titans on a mission to do….something…I’m not sure where this book is going but it looks to be very action oriented and I’m looking forward to seeing what Lobdell can do with a character like Jason Todd!

There you have it folks. Not one, not two, but THREE comics for you too check out! Don’t ever say I never gave you nuttin’! As always, I appreciate your support and look forward to you “liking” the Emaginauts facebook page and following me on twitter @the_emaginaut.  See you all on Monday!!

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