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Of Mice and Spidermen

Make Mine Morales!!

Hi everyones!!! I know a lot of you have come back to find out what happens with my boy Thor, but you’re just gonna have to wait!!! That’s right, I’ve chosen to leave you anticipating and even pontificating about Thor vs Punor part deux (that’s “two” for you Yanks)! Today we’re going to discuss a time honored tradition amongst comic book geeks. NEW COMIC BOOK WEDNESDAY DAY DAY DAY!!!! (that was my echo sound effect…don’t judge me). NEW COMIC BOOK WEDNESDAY DAY DAY DAY!!! Is the best day of the week because, you guessed it! That’s when the new books come out!!

Yesterday, I went and purchased all the new books for this week and poured over them!! I was searching for the one book this week that would make my heart go pitter patter so that I could share it with you!! After hours…..errr…minutes of arduous research I yelled EUREKA!!! Eureka, who is my beautiful; Asian assassin bodyguard brought me a glass of milk and some oreos and I went back to reading. Soon after that I finished reading Ultimate Spider-Man #1 by Bendis and Pichelli and I knew I found what I was looking for!!

Back in the year 2000, Marvel comics took a huge risk by launching their Ultimate comic line. ┬áThis line allowed them to take established characters like Spider-Man; The Avengers and X-men and start telling stories with the characters that didn’t require any past knowledge of the characters at all!!! Dopeness!!! Brian Micheal Bendis was one of the original architects of this brand. He launched the original run of Ultimate Spider-Man back then with artist Mark Bagley and they went on a run that lasted 111 issues. MEGADOPENESS TO THE 11TH POWER SON!!! They crafted a book that would make it so that you cared about Peter Parker and not just his costumed alter ego. Alas, all good things come to an end and Peter is no longer Spider-Man (choked up)….*wiping away tears*….I’m sorry….I just get really emotional thinking about Peter ya know….I mean….look at that puddin…

Bieber Who?

…..Anywho….Bendis is launching this book with a new protagonist (yeah!! Look at me using big words). Miles Morales is half black and half latino (Well played Marvel) and…well…we don’t know much else about him….That’s where the new Ultimate Spider-Man picks up!! Eleven years ago, Marvel gave us Ultimate Peter Parker and it was good…I for one would recommend picking up Utimate Spider-Man #1 this week or downloading if you’re cool like me and have the marvel app on your Smartphone or Ipad. Bendis never disappoints!

A Latino that Climbs Walls....Fox News just hurled!

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